Performing is an essential part of the Suzuki Method. It builds self-esteem and encourages students more than any words or long practice sessions.

Helen’s students are encouraged to perform at opportunities throughout the year, for example at student concerts, the Suzuki organisation run concerts, and Queensland Flute Guild events, in addition to Suzuki Graduations and/or AMEB exams.  The Suzuki Winter School is also a great opportunity to learn from other teachers and see many other instrumentalists play and learn. All Suzuki performance opportunities are non-competitive.

Suzuki Graduations take place when a student has reached a particular standard (a set piece in the repertoire). This piece will be performed to a high standard either for a live assessor, or recorded and sent interstate for assessment. A report is then provided to the student and certificates are awarded at a Graduation Concert towards the end of the year to acknowledge their achievement.

All Helen’s students are encouraged to immerse themselves in good quality music by attending high calibre concerts wherever possible.  For example early music (Baroque) concerts, the Queensland Wind Orchestra (band), and even the Queensland Symphony Orchestra (what a treat).  Daily listening to repertoire and other sources of classical music (e.g. ABC Classic FM) is also encouraged.