“My ten year old daughter began flute last year with Helen and it has been such a wonderful journey for her. Helen is a highly skilled and talented teacher with a delightful sense of fun and a passion for music that is contagious. Helen is a supportive and compassionate teacher who uses humour, encouragement and boundless positive energy to inspire students to succeed.

Whilst I had heard of the Suzuki method before, I didn't really understand what was involved until Helen suggested we consider it. I am now a total convert. I don't think there's any better motivator for children to achieve musically than their own success. The Suzuki method is about creating a positive and fun environment that is conducive to success.

When I attended my first Suzuki workshop, I thought my life is simply too busy for me to be a 'good' (supportive) Suzuki parent. However, adopting some Suzuki strategies (provided at the workshop) for encouraging children to practice, I quickly learned how to ensure that my daughter actually enjoys practicing regularly, thus reducing the need for me to constantly remind her to practice. She has gone from strength to strength.

Helen also uses Suzuki technique to ensure that students learn to get the most from their instrument. At a recent flute concert, I was surprised to note that I could  tell the difference (with my untrained ear) between the sound created by Suzuki trained students and the sound created by those trained in other methods.

Nothing is more rewarding than watching your child learn new skills in a supportive environment. I highly recommend Helen as a teacher.”

–Katie Artiss, January 2014


“Edie (5) has loved her flute lessons with Helen. She sings all the way home, and knows all the words to those early Suzuki songs.  I’m surprised at her musical ability, and at Helen’s ability to deal with the challenges a five year old can bring.  I'm amazed at how Edie, who is happiest dangling upside down, pays attention and follows instructions."

 –Andrew, parent 2013


“Helen helped me realise my lifelong dream to take up the flute again, and play to a level I could be proud of, after abandoning it when I was 16. She was able to give me subtle direction, correcting bad habits and increase my skill level, all without raising her voice once! It was a pleasure to learn with Helen.

“She also taught my daughter, who was 10 when we began, and eagerly practised for the praise and encouragement she received from Helen. Helen is a gifted teacher for both children and adults alike.”    

 –Fleur, student 2009-10